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About Jordan

Cutting edge 3D artist with a design-led approach

Jordan is a seasoned professional 3D Artist specialising in cosmetic and luxury industry product visualisations.


With a wealth of experience collaborating with agencies, industrial designers, and renowned companies, Jordan has consistently delivered stunning visuals and informative visualisations that captivate audiences.


Jordan's specialisation lies in the meticulous representation of products, precise material matching, dynamic lighting, and striking compositions, all seamlessly combined to create photorealistic visualisations.

What sets Jordan apart is a deep dedication to understanding each product and project, infusing care and devotion into every image crafted to perfectly represent the brand. Jordan draws inspiration from the boundless possibilities of 3D design, pushing creative boundaries with each project.


Clients frequently praise Jordan's distinctive touch, particularly noting the exceptional quality of lighting in the visualisations, often mistaking them for actual photographs. Jordan's work sets the standard for photorealistic 3D visualisations, leaving an indelible mark in the industry.

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Chanel - packaging - before_afterv2.jpg

What is 3D Product Visualisation?

Utilising the latest 3D technology, this process creates detailed and accurate digital representations of physical products, eliminating the necessity for traditional photography and videography.


3D visualisation serves as a powerful asset for marketing collateral, allowing businesses to showcase various product variations, colours, and configurations in an engaging and immersive manner significantly improving marketing campaigns' effectiveness.

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